Hey there, I'm Logan!

I'm a developer with experience growing and managing teams and shipping apps for the web, browser, iOS, Android, and blockchain.

I live in Las Vegas, where I strive to create technology and happiness for as many people as possible.

About me

About me:

I'm a -year-old developer with a history of delivering elegant products and enjoyable experiences. As an engineer and even in my day-to-day, I strive to make things better for others. I'm most excited by products with the potential to improve lives, such as cryptocurrency.

Featured Works

This is a small selection of public-facing projects.

Bamboozled is a trivia game for F*R*I*E*N*D*S lovers! Live in the App and Play Stores with over 100 users, Bamboozled brings hard trivia questions and no multiple choice answers. React Native with RoR.
Playdate is a friendship app that matches users on-demand for mutual interests. At its peak, Playdate had over 7k active users. React Native with PHP.
TeamHODL is a pioneer in cryptocurrency and music, bringing the best of both together. TeamHODL's token and initial coin offering is written in Solidity and live on the Ethereum blockchain. TeamHODL now produces music for cryptocurrency's soundtrack. Visit teamHODL.com to learn more.
Dance Dance Evolution is a version of StepMania that lives entirely in the browser. DDE looks to pay our respects to one of our childhood favorite games while also looking to turn the page onto a new era of music-themed games. Written in the MEAN stack.